Why Banding Systems?

tomatoes-beforeTop Sides Bottom – The Most make labeling of Opportunity

Making The Most Of Your Opportunity labeling is essential to communicate the value of your product at the retail shelf.

Often due to package shape it’s difficult to maximize your graphic area, forcing you to give up value branding real estate to ingredients, upc and other required information. Traditional labels simply can’t be applied with consistent quality to wrap the package (top sides bottom). This is because of the label’s adhesive, which is ‘pressure sensitive’ and by nature grabs the package where it’s applied – frequently creating ugly wrinkles and skewed application when going around corners.  This forces food manufacturers to make the most of a simple label typically placed on the top of the package and sometimes also on the bottom.

tomatoes-afterBanding is what it sounds like.

Rather than trying to apply an adhesive label and accurately trying to follow package contours, the banding process sets up the label as a loop and pulls it around the package. The result is a perfectly applied label to all package sides – top, sides and bottom.

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