Banding System Products BandedComplete product packaging today is an important part of any shopping experience. Even after creating a useful product, convincing potential customers to make a purchase comes down to your product packaging and how it looks on store shelves. Most shoppers often look at products for less than 10 seconds and determine whether they want to purchase. This means packaging can make or break a sale, and you need to convince your customers to buy within the shortest time possible. This is where banding systems come into play.

Due to minimal material waste and efficient output, many businesses in different production sectors, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, food, and beverages, are using banding systems for all their packaging needs. These systems have several benefits compared to other technologies.

7 Benefits of Investing in Banding Systems

1. Minimal Material Waste

The odds are you are digging deeper into your pocket to entice potential clients with promotional bundles. This means you are likely using expensive and excessive wrapping materials and boxing methods. According to New York Times, companies are now saving money on promotional packaging by using minimum banding material. A single band can be as thin as 35 microns, and it can safely bundle your products together. This efficient packaging material means that you won’t have to reduce your profit margin on promotional bundles.

2. You Can Quickly Switch Bundles

One of the features of promotional packaging is adaptability and customizability. These machines can easily adapt to different product sizes during banding. For example, if you want to create different promotional offers for six or more packages, our banding systems will dynamically adjust the amount of banding material to achieve the desired tension. This means that you can swap between different size stacks of your product with ease and without stopping to adjust your machine (assuming that there is no message on the bundling material that requires stacks to be of the same size).

3. Creates Tamper-Evident Seals

An example of tamper-evident seals that can be used to safeguard food products.Product tampering is a huge concern, especially in the food and beverage industry. Nobody wants to purchase a product that has been tampered with. Banding systems will help to improve the safety of your products by creating tamper-evident visible seals that must be broken for someone to access the contents. This means that when your customers see the broken seal, they will know that the product has been tampered with. Using banding systems will help you improve the safety of your products and prevent unfortunate incidents.

4. You Can Use Different Printable Materials

Banding systems are a viable packaging solution for manufacturers in different industries. This better package contour labeling solution offers branding opportunities for products of different sizes, shapes, and weights. The versatility of banding solutions doesn’t stop at the industries served. Package contour labeling can be custom-fit to your product packaging demands. The automatic package labeling will provide form-fitted bands for your products with the following custom material options:

  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Variable band widths available, from 28mm to 125mm (one width per machine)
  • Custom labels or sleeves
  • Lamination and band finishes
  • 8-color printing

5. Easy Installation

Banding systems can easily be integrated with your existing product lines, and be fully automated, or be operated by hand or foot switches. Therefore, whatever your industry or product packaging demands, we can configure the banding technology to fit all your needs. Banding systems are manufactured to limit waste and end-of-line labor. They also come with a range of performance specs, including:

  • Adjustable products guides
  • Changeable band tension
  • Touch-screen compatibility
  • Printer or bundle press options
  • Variable automation speeds
  • Product-specific channel widths

6. Hygienic Packaging

Did you know that the adhesives in the adhesive labels that are typically used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing attract and trap free-floating contaminants in the air, cause them to stay on the package? This can pose serious issues for both the consumer and manufacturer.

free-floating contaminants in the air, and hold them next to your food products? This is very unsanitary. Since product bands don’t use adhesives to stick to packaging, there’s nothing to permanently hold dust and other contaminants. This means that banding is a more hygienic solution for all your product packaging needs.

An example of promotional package bundling using banding systems7. Versatile Product Bundling

Do you often launch special promotional offers? Promotional packaging can help you move new products or attract more clients to try your brand. Banding systems are a good solution for bundling promotional product packages, and you can bundle several packages together safely. These systems even allow you to switch between bundling multiple packages together easily. Therefore, you can work on many promotional offers within the same packaging line efficiently.

Banding systems help to reduce waste of valuable resources and are a fast and safe way to package your products. As a result, banding also makes it possible for you to be more environmentally friendly while improving packaging quality and the way customers perceive your brand. Contact us today and learn about product banding and how it can help your business.

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