These are example of the variety of products Banding System uses.How you package your manufactured products is now more important than ever. Potential clients are constantly being bombarded by messages throughout the day and sometimes all they may see from your brand is the product packaging. Whether you’re preparing to create all-new packaging for your product or you want to update existing packaging, you need to ask yourself what impact the appearance of your packaging will have on your customers and elevate it above the noise.

Does the Appearance of Your Product’s Package Matter?

Most product manufacturers sometimes tend to believe that the performance of their products is more important than the look of their packaging. However, new research has proven that product packaging plays a major role in the failure or success of a business by impacting on the sales of a product. Although it can be argued that packaging should be more promotional, it embodies much more than promotion. Packaging can affect how your brand is positioned. If your packaging isn’t attracting an audience, then you should know that you are fighting an uphill and almost impossible battle.


If your product sits on store shelves with other competing products, changing the color, shape, size and other important features of your packaging can help make it stand out. This explains why many companies invest in extensive research on types of product packaging that are appealing to their target market. The packaging also plays a vital role in presenting information about the product. The outside of the packaging can relay important information on how to make or use the product; directly contributing to the product’s “convenience” factor by making it easier to use.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Promotional Packaging

1. To Create Differentiation

Whether you just launched a new product or you want to engage your customers in a new way, promotional packaging can help set you apart from your competitors. This is especially true if you identify a new promotional packaging strategy that is different from your competitors and that offers value to your clients. Product packaging contains company name and logo, and this helps a customer to identify your products as they sit among other competitor products on store shelves.

2. To Leverage Your Communication Strategy

Communication is an art that creates formidable relationships with customers and this makes your brand unique. Promotional packaging will enable your business to focus on campaigns around some events.

3. To Establish Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

When you bundle or package your products around a certain theme or solution, you can generate sales of several items than a single item. By adding value to your regular assortment, you can charge premium prices for your products.

4. To Give your Customers a Reason to Buy

The information on your packaging drives sales and influences the decision of potential customers. If your brand is offering products similar to those of competitors, but with something additional, your customers will select your product to get more for their money. When combined with clear and helpful information that can help your clients see the benefits of what you’re promoting, you give them a compelling reason for them to make a purchase.

5. To Test Out Ideas in a Limited-Run Format

In case you have an idea that you think that your customers would like, but you aren’t sure about the outcome, promotional packaging will give you a window to test your new ideas and measure them. With the information you gather, you can determine whether you need to invest more time and money to make them permanent products.

6. To Grow your Revenue

Simply put, more sales from your promotional packaging create higher revenue, and revenue is the lifeblood of your business. Promotional packaging is a great way for you to build month-over-month and year-over-year revenue growth.


Whether you need stand-alone, semi-automated or fully automated promotional packaging solution, banding is now the most preferred way for promotional packaging of products. Automated banding solutions help manufacturers in the distribution of promotional materials at a low cost. The water-thin and non-adhesive packaging bands can be customized for improved customer visibility and engagement. Additionally, bundling with thin and less waste banding systems from Bandall is the most effective way for you to pack your promotional products together and save on traditional promo costs.

Bandall Banding Systems

Regardless of whether you need a stand-alone banding solution just for temporary promotional packaging, we can provide you with an effective banding system for all your applications. Our engineers will work with you to identify the opportunities of your business and procure the best performing banding system.

If you are interested in learning more about promotional packaging and how we can help you or you want to purchase a banding packaging system to increase sales, improve your brand, limit waste and safely distribute your products, contact us today! We will help you find the ideal system to suit your needs or even configure one for all your unique needs.

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