Banding is a fast, easy, and resource-efficient way to seal packages of food.Banding is a popular packaging technique that has been adopted by many food and pharmaceutical companies around the world. A fully automated banding machine is easy to use and can be operated by one person.

Additionally, banding material is cost effective and the estimated payback period for an advanced banding machine is a matter of a few months. Investing in a  Bandall Banding machine will also help you improve your brand recognition while increasing shelf selection.

Bandall Banding machines can bundle or multi-pack products and keep the containers closed. This technique addresses issues such as energy conservation and waste reduction. There are also new developments that are being made, and this makes banding a state-of-the-art method to enhance packaging operations for your products.

Bandall Productions’ banding machines that are recognized globally as technically advanced machines. We have four different types of fully automated banding machines that can virtually meet all your banding requirements.

4 Types of the Most Advanced Bandall Banding Machines

Bandall TXL Series

The TXL series machines from Bandall  Because they have a lot more to offer. These conveyor belts grip the product firmly but gently without destroying them. This banding machine is both light and accurate, and you can use it for fast and efficient banding and transport of different products such as frozen products, biscuits, trays, and ready meals, and for tamper evident packages such as automotive parts and electronics.

Benefits of the TXL Series:

  • Rapid bandingAnd transport processes in a straight line;
  • It is designed for banding products with flat tops and bottoms swiftly;
  • You can easily shift from an infeed conveyor or a transport system;
  • Easy and fast conversion to a different product;
  • It has options to use several bands for a specific product; and
  • You can make your TXL banding machine with a printer to print in different positions on the band.

Bandall TRL Series

This Bandall banding machine is a product of the company. However, the  TRL banding machine  will depend on the specifications of your products as well as other requirements that you may have.

Benefits of Purchasing a Bandall TRL Series Machine

  • You can integrate your machine with different types of delivery and removal systems;
  • It is fast and accurate;
  • If you purchase a modular structure, it can be modified with additional side rollers, pushers, and stoppers;
  • You can easily expand your TRL series machine with different types of printers that can print lot numbers, barcodes, and product information;
  • It can be combined with additional cutting and folding machines that are used in the graphics industry; and
  • It has a system memory that helps minimize the set-up time for each product.

Bandall TRC Series

This fully automatic banding machine rotates products that are being banded in 90 degrees. The rotation positions products in a way that they can be packed and banded at the same time without any damage to the product. However, the functioning of the  TRC series bandall machine will depend on the products that you want banded and any other additional requirements.

Benefits of the TRC Series Banding Machine:

  • It is equipped with a memory system that helps in minimal set-up time for each product;
  • Its modular structure can be enhanced with additional stoppers, pushers, and side rollers;
  • You can increase your machine with information about, barcodes, and lot numbers;
  • It is possible to integrate your machine with different types of delivery and removal systems;
  • This Bandall machine is exceptionally fast and accurate; and
  • You can also combine it with other folding and cutting machines that are often used in graphics.

Bandall TRB Series

This bandall banding machine series is a well-designed banding arch using conveyor belts that are motorized. Depending on the product you want to band, the conveyor belts can either be low friction or high friction. These conveyor belts are also available in different lengths and widths.

The TRB series equipment is ideal for products with shelf ready packaging, laundry, and stacks. It is also suitable, sturdy, and is often used for products with a rigid and flat base.

Benefits of TRB Series:

  • Requires only a limited space;
  • This machine will help you save more in energy costs;
  • It is fully automatic;
  • You will make major savings in packaging materials;
  • It is portable and easily adjustable;
  • It has enough connectors to facilitate exchange of signals; and
  • Sealing, taping, and gluing machines are rendered redundant.

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