Stand-Alone Banding Machine

Our stand-alone banding machineStand-alone packaging banding solutions procured by Banding Systems make production line integration easy.

Stand-alone banding technologies, manufactured and supported by the skilled engineers at Bandall, can be built to various arch width and height specifications. Whatever your products or production lines demand, stand-alone banding equipment can be configured for seamless integration. Channel widths of stand-alone systems can also be modified to fit your product specs, for band widths from 20mm to 100mm.

These systems integrate very effectively with manual feed lines, and complement existing automated systems. Depending on the demands of your industry, you can equip stand-alone banding systems with optional hardware for peak performance, including:

  • Positioning technology
  • Data printers
  • Stainless steel
  • Presses
  • External reel holders

Benefits of Stand-Alone Banding Systems

Stand-alone banding systems are configured for zero-risk banding at a fraction of conventional packaging costs. The non-pressurized bands these systems aid companies in various industries improve end-of-line performance by:

  • Reducing materials used in packaging significantly; thin, custom designed bands make the most of raw production materials
  • Minimizing maintenance and energy use costs
  • Offering easy-to-use feed technology; stand-alone banding systems are compatible with a wide range of production speeds
  • Damage-free packaging, so you’ll never have to worry about pressure-sensitive products during packing

As a major distributor of Bandall packaging equipment, Banding Systems will work diligently alongside your company to research and identify the highest possible quality banding solutions. Whether you seek a banding system to improve your product packaging indefinitely, or require one periodically for promotional banding, we can help your company find the best system for your needs.