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Tough, Versatile Shrink Banding for Products

Product banding is a versatile technology used by many companies for bundling special promotional packages, shipping fragile products, displaying branding on products, and providing a frustration-free package for their customers.

This technology comes in many forms, with custom options for the machines and even for the types of film you can use. Now, there’s a new type of banding film available:

Introducing Shrink Banding Film

Shrink banding is a newer process that uses MDO PETg shrink film technology for product banding.

This film can be laminated onto objects, creating a tight, form-fitting seal that has enormous tensile strength in a film that’s only 50 to 80 microns thick. How strong is the film?

An MDO PETg band is able to hold objects weighing up to 10 kg together without breaking, which is more than what most standard product bands are capable of.

Other notable benefits of this film include:

  • Ability to Conform to Irregular Shapes. MDO PETg bands can conform to the shape of the object or objects being held, improving grip and reducing the likelihood that an item will fall out.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Typical PVC tamper bands cost roughly 3-10 cents per band. MDO PETg film can be applied for a fraction of this cost.
  • Labeling for Bundled Produce. Shrink film can be printed on with a minimal amount of distortion, allowing you to put branding and product info on produce or other irregularly-shaped objects.

Overall, this remarkable banding technology can help improve your product packaging quality and efficiency greatly.