Automated package labeling can improve the efficiency of product labeling processes and provide greater versatility for labeling design options.Marketing your products is essential if you want your brand to be noticed and flourish. From packaging to labeling, the efforts you take to promote your brand are crucial. Product packaging should be not only informational but also draw the attention of your target clients. If you don’t create an attractive design for your product label or packaging, you will impact your product’s visibility and hinder your sales. Automatic package labeling can help you display greater varieties of product packaging labels but also increase the efficiency of how the work is completed.


When it comes to marketing your products, packaging plays a major role in the containment, promotion, protection and environmental impact of your products. If your packaging stands out, then you can expect greater visibility of your products.


The label is what delivers your sales message and differentiates your product from your competitors. Both the design and the label material you choose are both important. Your label should fit the product package and at the same time provide an eye-catching design and valuable product information.

Label Information to Include

  • According to section 403(q) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), food is misbranded unless the labels bear all nutritional information. Therefore, if the nutritional information sells your product, you can put it on the front of the design. However, the front of the package should also be attractive and include information that will attract your target clientele.
  • Your label also should contain certain criteria, such as a UPC code. However, this information shouldn’t take up a lot of valuable design space on your label.
  • In order to drive brand loyalty and recognition, your package should have a noticeable design and a logo that can be easily recognized.  The shape, colors, and uniqueness of your product also play an important role in the consumer’s buying decision.

Packaging and labeling are important to consumers because they help them to understand fully what products are before making a purchase. For instance, when a consumer goes into a grocery store, they find everything packaged and labeled. For them to know what they want, they have to read the contents of the package. Research shows that attractive packaging influences buying decisions. The packaging itself also is important for the protection of products during transport. Labeling helps stores to sell products and know what is selling well.

Use Banding to Improve Your Packaging and Labeling

Automated banding technologies have now become the industry-standard packaging solutions for many manufacturer in a variety of sectors including: food, pharmaceuticals, printing, tobacco, cosmetics, and general industry. More and more manufacturers are adopting this technology due to the efficiency and cost savings they provide by reducing the packaging and improving branding success. If your current labelling equipment is not allowing you to meet your brand and sales targets, it may be a time to consider innovative banding technology and improve your product’s presentation. 

Pros of Automatic Package Labeling

Improved Package Labeling Promotes Your Brand

An example of how products with labels applied can look.Creating labels with eye-catching design and properly positioning the content displays your product in the best light. Automatic package labeling systems help you achieve this by accurately positioning the label of your products. Bandall systems also can print this information in different positions over the complete length and width of the automatic package labeling material, helping you promote your brand in a variety of ways and on differently-shaped product packages.

Saves on Cost of Packaging Material

Using traditional package labeling methods, limiting products to one design helps to save considerable costs. With automatic package labeling systems, however, you can change data for different products without having to purchase packaging material for all your products.

Saves on Labor

Labor is expensive, especially if you are manually labeling your products. However, with labeling automation, your employees will be free to complete other tasks that will benefit your business. Additionally, automatic package labeling machines don’t require a salary or benefits. An automated banding system that is designed properly for your application can last for many years and help to grow your business by meeting changing customer demands.

Consistent Label Placement

Manual labeling of products results in more labor and less consistency. Think of how your operator peels a label off a liner and applies that label to a product. This isn’t an exact science; the label may end up looking wrinkled or crooked, and the faster your workers have to place labels, the more inconsistent the label positioning may become.

Reduces Errors

Automatic package labeling systems have verification options that ensure only the right labels are applied to the right products. Banding systems also have scanners and imagers that ensure that the text and barcodes are legible.

Cons of Automatic Labeling Systems

  • The up-front price of the automatic package labeling system may be expensive
  • You will need technical personnel to operate the equipment

If you’re currently labeling your manufactured products by hand, you have seen that the benefits of automatic package labeling systems outweigh the disadvantages. To stop spending too much on package labeling and wasting resources, contact us today and we will help you discover a better packaging labeling solution for your business.

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