One of the best ways to save on packaging materials is through banding systems, which also ensure that your products are always appealing. However, there are different banding materials that you can use for your products. It’s important to ask yourself which banding material is right for you. The answer to your question will depend heavily on factors like the type of products you are bundling, personal preference, and how important cost is to you.

Before you determine the bundling material you should use, you should have some basic information about available choices. There are two types of banding materials:

  • Printed Banding Materials: These materials are easy to print on, and they are ideal if you want to increase product visibility on store shelves.
  • Unprinted Banding Materials: These are plain packaging materials that are often used for bundling products and easy shipping.

Why Use Printed Banding Films?

Increase Product Visibility on Store Shelves

To increase sales, branding is important. You can have the best products on the market, but without branding, people won’t find them on store shelves and your sales will decrease. If you are looking for the ideal packaging material for your shelf products, you should use highly visible packaging material that will stand out. A printed banding material will ensure that your brand message is clearly presented for potential clients to see.

Easy Removal

The convenience of opening packages is important. If you have difficult-to-open packaging, clients are less likely to buy your product. Printed packaging materials are very easy to open compared to shrink wraps, adhesive labels, and cardboard covers. With this packaging material, you will be sure that clients will purchase your products again in future.

Easy to Print Product Information

The standards of product packaging are becoming harsher. From a detailed list of ingredients to nutritional factors, food producers are now being required to include vital information on different product packaging for easy viewing by customers. Having clear product information will ensure that you are compliant with the recent FDA regulations in the U.S. and regulations in other countries. By using printed bands, you will also be able to display important company information on the band.

Reduce Waste

Printed bands use up a minimal amount of material per band. These materials can also be manufactured using biodegradable FSC films, so that the materials don’t clog and become hazardous to wildlife. If you have a green thumb, then this type of packaging will help you to reduce waste and attract eco-conscious consumers.

Using Unprinted Banding Materials

When using a band to increase product visibility, you will need a printed band. Printed bands are the best in promoting your products. However, you can also consider using unprinted brands for reasons such as:

Fast Bundling

You can use unprinted banding materials for different products that don’t require changing out. This will provide you with a secure method of bundling several different products for shipping. Unprinted banding materials are a great option because they are easy to remove, especially when using paper bands.

An easily removable packaging material will make it easier for your clients to save both on time and money used on labor to get products on shelves. This will help reduce the cost of ownership faced by retailers because stocking will become easier.

Reduced Bundling Cost

Brown or plain white paper bands and white or clear film bands are a cost effective means of bundling packages to transport to your clients. With unprinted banding material, you ensure that you use the right amount of materials to hold product packages together—which will save you the cost of extra packaging materials. You also won’t be required to spend more money on printing promotional materials or design on the bands.

Multiple Product Lines

Unprinted banding materials aren’t limited to a specific product, which means that you can switch between several types of products without having to:

  • Insert new banding rolls
  • Stop production
  • Threading new rolls into the machine
  • Removing old band rolls

You can simply put the product bundles into your Bandall banding machine, and the machine will adjust the tightness to ensure that the bundling method is secure. The freedom of switching between several product lines without changing the banding materials keeps production smooth, especially if you have multiple product lines. This will help you to save time when switching from one product to another.

By weighing the benefits of each type of banding material, you will be able to make an informed decision on the best type of packaging material. Contact us if you need more assistance.

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