Package contour labeling helps to identify and promote your brand to current and prospective customers.Packaging and labeling your products does much more than merely protect and identify them: It promotes your brand and image to consumers. Effective package contour labeling can bolster your business, whereas ineffective designs can decrease the visibility and attractiveness of your products, in turn impacting your sales.

Whether you’re starting your new business or you have been in manufacturing for years, branding and packaging your products will help take your business to the next level by increasing customer loyalty as well as by bringing in new business through referrals.

Labels Your Products, Promotes Your Brand

Packaging has four distinct marketing functions, according to Charles W. Lamb in his book “Essentials of Marketing:”

  1. contains and protects your products
  2. promotes your products
  3. helps consumers use your products
  4. helps maintain a green environment by facilitating recycling

Because the bulk of purchase decisions are made at the store, your priority should be to enhance the experience of your shoppers. Package contour labeling impacts how potential customers perceive your products, which can contribute to determining the sales performance of your products on a daily basis.

Convert Shoppers into Consumers Through Enhanced Labeling

Labeling that contours to your product’s packaged form provides you with the space you need to display and communicate your brand and product information. We’ve put together a few tips you can use package contour labeling to effectively promote your brand.

Keep it Unique

A label is a form of marketing that differentiates your products from others. Therefore, be creative: You have to try something different from your competitors. An ideal label should attract shoppers at a single glance; you don’t want to portray an impression of a similar label to that of your competitors.

Use Intentional Content

Compromising the package contour labeling by not presenting important facts clearly can be detrimental to your business because it will divert shoppers. All important information should be clearly presented and easy to read. This is particularly important for nutrition- and allergy-related information.

Feature Important Selling Points

In case you’re introducing a new product that has unique features, remember to mention it when labeling. Such information is important and can boost your sales. For example, if you start selling organic food to your clients, print “100% organic” to target a specific audience. If your products are for a certain region, you also can mention some of the native ingredients.

Keep it Adjustable

Most likely you aren’t selling only one product, and if you are, you pack your product in different sizes. Whichever case, ensure that you have an improved package label that can fit all dimensions and shapes, including clamshell packaging. Keep in mind that an adjustable print design imparts distinct brand identity.

To promote your brand through complete package labeling, you should make the most of the package graphic area. This is impossible if you are still using traditional or outdated labels because they cannot consistently wrap packages including the top and bottom sides, and pressure sensitive packages often create skewed and ugly wrinkles.

Effective clamshell labeling also is important when it comes to packaging for many food products. Banding System’s contour clamshell labeling provides additional security for your customers through tamper evident labeling, which makes it easy to tell whether a package has been opened prior to purchase.

Package Contour Labeling to Promote Your Brand

Better package contour labels with an eye-catching design that uses proper content positioning ensures that your product is portrayed at its very best. Bandall technology will accurately position the package contour labeling around all your products.

Bandall’s improved package labeling systems have integrated printers that will help you to print variable information to promote your brand. With only a single pre-printed package contour labeling design that is suitable for all your products, all important information can be printed during complete package labeling.

Benefits of Using Bandall’s Automatic Package Labeling Machines

Saves on cost of printed package contour labeling material: Using one design for all your products will save considerable costs. However, you can easily change data for different batches or products, which means that you won’t have to purchase packaging material for each product. This is particularly helpful when you have a variety of shapes and sizes of packages.

Maximum prints: Barcodes, “best by/before” dates, and language changes are just a few examples of important information that can be printed with ease and flexibility. Bandall systems also can print this information in different positions over the complete length and width of the automatic package labeling material.

Saves time: The improved package labeling speed, performance, and tension aren’t affected by the printing process due to the Bandall’s double buffer feature. This means that the Bandall’s better package contour labeling unit and printer work autonomously, ensuring continuity. You also can pre-set the printer for different products so you won’t lose time when labeling different goods.

Bandall’s better package contour labeling is a branding by banding innovation that accentuates what you want. If you need more information, about package contour labeling, contact us today.

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