High Quality Banding Materials

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Get the Right Banding Material for the Job!

To do the job right, you need the right tools. When the job is bundling products for shipment or display, you’ll want the best banding material for your product.

Banding Systems is proud to offer a wide range of banding materials to fit almost any conceivable need. We offer both printed and unprinted banding materials in sizes from 28mm wide to 125mm wide, in rolls of up to 2,000 meters long. The thickness of the film ranges from 1.5 mil to 4 mil in lamination.

Printed Banding Materials Include:

  • Clear biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • White biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • PLA
  • MDO shrink film
  • Paper

Unprinted Banding Materials Include:

  • Brown Banding Paper
  • Transparent Banding Film
  • White banding film
  • Clear and metalized Shrink film
  • White Banding Paper
  • Craft Banding Paper

Benefits of Using Printed Banding Material

An example of a banded productWith printed banding materials, you can make your products pop on the store shelf! Each band can be printed with all of your product information, including promotional text, ingredients, nutritional info, expiration date, and anything else you need to have on the band.

To make certain that the labeling on your product will line up properly with the information on the band, a line drawing based on your product’s packaging can be created to base the band’s design on. A proof of this design can be created and sent to you so that you know the packaging will fit perfectly.

Each printed band is painstakingly created to ensure that the positioning of the band design on your product is consistent. Additionally, you can print barcodes, dates, or serial numbers onto your bands. As with all banding systems, printed banding materials offer a great packing solution for both high and low output production lines that saves money and materials.

Benefits of Using Plain Banding Materials

Plain banding materials, which are mostly used for bundling groups of product packages together for shipping, offers several benefits to companies looking for a cost-effective solution.

First, with plain banding material, it is very easy to switch from bundling one type of product to another. There’s no printed information to worry about, so moving from bundling packages of one size to another won’t interfere with product branding.

Second, using unprinted banding materials is a fast, easy way to create damage-free bundling for your products. Banding systems using plain banding material can be set to adjust to different product package sizes on the fly, and are gentle enough to bundle cartons of eggs, tobacco, paperback publications, and other delicate items with ease.

Finally, unprinted banding materials are incredibly efficient, helping you keep costs down while providing a simple, FSC-certified bundling solution for your products.

Benefits of using banding shrink film

Traditionally banding technology did not have the ability to band irregular shaped products or to band products that required a very tight, strong band. With the introduction of band shrink film banding can now be used on these challenging applications by banding the product then passing the product a small heat tunnel. The film has a 65% shrink ratio and a very strong bond at the seal area. The band shrinks to conform to the product forming a band that will not move and tightly bundles heavy products together.

Finally shrink banding can be printed in lamination so that the print will look perfect after the shrink process is complete with minimal distortion.

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