Banding Solutions in Industrial Processes & Logistics

Banding is now used in industrial processes around the worldBanding solutions have expanded far beyond their applications in the food, pharmaceutical and graphics industries, and are now used in industrial processes and logistics tasks around the globe.

New Banding System Applications

We work alongside Bandall to provide custom-engineered, product and application-tailored solutions for packaging, in almost limitless industries served. Beyond the standard industries and applications of banding technologies, these systems are now often found in:

  • The steel and aluminum industry
  • Shipping of plastics, cases and storage boxes
  • Textile industries
  • Tobacco companies
  • Hardware production lines
  • EPS-product lines
  • The wood industry
  • Distribution of electronic components

Banding automation offers cost-effective, low-waste and reliable alternatives to conventional packaging methods. Quick ROI and band customization options have made these solutions ideal for many industrial uses, in an almost limitless range of applications.