Custom Packaging for Food Industries

The food industry benefits from banding automation

Banding automation systems are widely used in the production and packaging of food products, as they maintain product safety, high packing speed and nutritional hygiene. Banding in various food and organic produce industries has led to some of the most useful innovations in modern packaging.

Bundling for Food & Organic Products

Banding solutions in various food industries enable manufacturers to improve the ways they present products, and more efficiently print barcode, nutritional data, serial number and expiration information. Automated banding systems do not emit gases or odors, and are the perfect solution for food producers working in production environments where temperature, humidity and safe hygiene are critical factors.

With various visual design options and custom configurations, banding strips can be created to help your products and brand excel in retail. For many producers looking to stay ahead of branding in their industry, there are no more effective, damage-free and cost-efficient packaging solutions than banding.

  • Unique feed systems to meet your company’s output needs
  • Stainless steel units for sensitive production environments
  • Hygienic, product-safe packaging solutions, with zero adhesives or labels
  • Branding opportunities in band configuration