Is Banding the Best Packaging Technology for You?As a manufacturer, the products you produce for consumers should be designed with proper research and planning to ensure that you provide the best value while maintaining low production costs. This means that you need a type of packaging that will help you increase your visibility in the market and also convey the value of products. The type of packaging material and visual appeal are important when it comes to grasping the attention of consumers, making sales, and gaining repeat business. Therefore, you should consider product packaging as an investment and not an additional cost.

What Type of Packaging is Right for Me?

Shrink Wrap

This type of packaging is used either as a primary or secondary pack. You can choose to shrink wrap your products to hold packages together for easier transport. However, shrink wrap does much more than keeping packages together, it provides abrasion and puncture protection as well as impact resistance. Plastic packaging materials are also cheaper,easily recyclable compared to other materials such as corrugated boxes and they provide similar protection while giving your products increased visual appeal.

Packs Without Modified Atmosphere

You can opt for such a pack if you intend to protect your products against environmental and mechanical influences such as UV light and moisture. These packs are suitable for both industrial and consumer products, as well as pharmaceutical products. Additionally, they can also be used to pack food products that don’t have any special requirements. At the point of sale, you can make use of these packages to convey important information including marketing information.

Adhesive Labels

There are three main types of adhesive label packaging, and they include water-based, hot-melt, and solvent-based adhesives. Out of the three, hot-melt and water-based systems attract manufacturers that want to reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions and to improve the air quality. However, water-based adhesives are the most widely used type of adhesive label packaging.


Due to their minimal material wastage and efficient output, banding technologies are now becoming popular to manufacturers in different production areas including pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage. Such systems have several end-of-line packaging benefits when compared to others. The high efficiency and ROI of automated banding makes all the difference if you plan to cut down production costs while simultaneously improving branding. In case your current packaging mechanisms and visual branding are lacking, then banding packaging technology may be of great value to your business.

Why Switch to Banding?

Over the years, banding has continued to grow. More and more manufacturers are implementing these systems to reduce packaging material waste, improve product branding and to package their goods safely. Although at first glance most of the benefits of banding packaging technology and other non-adhesive labeling may seem to concern material costs, manufacturers observe a significant ROI in product packaging.

Through branding by banding, product manufacturers from different industries can use banding automation to gain market advantage. When banding systems are integrated along product lines whether in dry goods, food, pharmaceuticals or beverage industries, they can reduce material wastage by more than 20%. This means that you can save more and achieve a positive ROI within just a few months of installation. With a prediction of an increased growth rate in various industries, automated banding has become the ideal packaging solution for manufacturers of different types of products.

Benefits of Using Banding Packaging Technology Over Others

Automated banding systems do more than making distribution easier. Some other benefits of banding packaging technology include:

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Using less material
  • Promoting your brand compared to other types of packaging such as shrink-wrap, and they are less messy than adhesive labels
  • Providing durable types of banding that are still easy to remove for the end-user
  • Requiring minimal labor for maintaining end-of-line packaging

These benefits are often worthwhile for businesses that need strong branding practices for them to succeed. However, you should keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to build and grow your brand and customer base without creating a positive distribution that can influence a consumer’s’ decision to purchase your products.

Branding sets businesses apart as market leaders, and this is especially true for the pharmaceuticals, organic food and beverage sectors where branding affects sales. Therefore, labor efficient, customizable, and non-adhesive banding packaging technology will give your business a tactical market advantage and ROI.

Today’s banding packaging technology can be integrated into any production line or configured with any existing systems. Therefore, regardless of whether you work with organic goods, dry, non-food products, small packaging boxes or individual product units, banding packaging technology will help your business to become more successful through product packaging efficiency. To learn more about how your company can benefit from banding packaging technology, contact us today.

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