Banding is a packaging technique that many companies, in many industries around the world, have begun adopting as a primary means of packaging. Banding is the process of securing products with either plastic or paper film, which also allows businesses to enhance display graphics for advertisingparticularly valuable for those in the food industry.

Bandall is now widely used for the following advantages:

  • It does not include shrink wrapping, adhesives, cardboards, labels or excess materials
  • It offers exceptional grocery shelf appeal
  • It can be used with different food and consumer-facing products

Benefits of Bundling with Bandall Banding Equipment

Stand-alone or automated banding systems produce minimal waste. After you implement a banding solution from Bandall for your application, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your bundled products. Bundling with systems that are free from adhesives means that you can band products as loosely or as tightly as necessary.

Most of the benefits of using a banding system involve material costs. More and more product manufacturers are now using banding to push their manufactured products and gain market advantage, a practice that is referred to as branding by banding.

After you implement banding automation, you will be able to:

  • Minimize labor and maintenance costs of packaging
  • Package products efficiently, whether large or small, using non-adhesive bands
  • Facilitate an odor free, green and clean packaging process
  • Gain enhanced protection of your products during packaging and distribution
  • Reduce product delivery time, box and pallet loading and unpacking

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food or dry goods industries, when you integrate an automated banding system, you will reduce material waste by over 25%. This means that you will save more and get a significant ROI within a few months of installation.

Affordable Promotional Packaging

Automated banding systems enable manufacturers to distribute bundled offers and promotional materials at low cost. Thin and non-adhesive bands can also be designed for visibility and building consumer familiarity with your brand. Bundling with wafer-thin, minimum-waste Bandall banding systems is an effective way to pack items together and also cut promotional costs.

Use Banding Solutions to Improve Your Brand, Products, and Packaging

Due to the minimum material waste and efficient output, automated banding has now become the industry-standard packaging option for many manufacturers in different production sectors, such as beverage, food, and pharmaceuticals.

The high efficiency and ROI that automated banding provides makes all the difference in cutting down production costs and improving branding success. If your current visual branding and packaging instruments are poor, you can improve them with banding packaging technologies.

In recent years, the banding industry has continued to grow tremendously, as the number of manufacturers continues to increase and the need for systems that can package goods safely while reducing waste has become more important.

How Banding Can Help in Branding

Today, banding systems help manufacturers to implement green processes. Whether you are looking for a way to safely package your products or you need help in improving shelf visibility, a banding solution will help you set your brand apart.

Printable Using Different Materials

Automated banding is a viable packaging solution for manufacturers in different industries, and it provides the same branding opportunities for products of different shapes, sizes, weights, and packaging configurations. The flexibility of banding automation isn’t limited to the industries it serves. The printing options and banding materials can be configured and custom-fit to meet your packaging demands.

Easy Installation

Banding systems from Bandall are designed in a way that they can be easily integrated with existing production lines and become fully automated or be operated via foot or hand switches. Whatever your industry, it’s possible to configure a banding solution to match your needs.

High-end banding systems come with different performance specs, including:

  • Adjustable product guidelines
  • Touch screen compatibility
  • Adjustable automated speeds
  • Product-specific widths
  • Changeable band tension

If you are wasting resources on insufficient packaging, or you are spending too much on packaging, banding automation can help your business. Contact us today to help you determine the best Bandall banding solution for your business.

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