Get your products shelf-readyIn retail stores, it is becoming ever more important to make the most efficient use of labor. One major pain point for the retail industry is the time it takes to get products off the truck and onto the shelves, ready for sale.

When your product’s packaging is too bulky or cumbersome to open, it takes longer to shelf, consuming more man-hours and costing your retail store customers money on labor. Savvy retailers will add the time it takes to shelf a product because of packing issues to the actual costs of your products, which may affect the cost effectiveness of shelving your products.

So, how can you make sure that your products are shelf-ready and minimize the impact of stocking time for your customers?

One solution is to use banding systems for your product packaging to make stocking your products quick and easy for retailers.

Banding Systems and Ease of Shelving

You can easily see the product when you use bandingHow is it that banding systems make for easier shelving? There are several ways that banding packaging makes for easier shelving than traditional boxes, including:

  • Increased Visibility of Products in the Packaging. A traditional issue with cardboard boxes is that cardboard is a very poor material for printing images onto. This typically means that the cardboard box is very plain, having only the most basic of text to identify the contents. By banding packages together, you minimize the amount of packaging there is, allowing the contents of the package to be seen easily. This makes your product more identifiable so that it can be sorted more efficiently by the retailer’s stocking crew.
  • Easier Unpacking of Products. When products are sealed within a heavy cardboard box, store-side personnel have to take time not only to ID the product, but to remove it from the box. The sturdier the box, the longer this process takes. With a banded package, all a store-side employee has to do is remove the band and the contents of the package are ready for display, reducing the unpacking process to a couple of seconds.
  • Tamper Evident Packaging. In a sealed box, it can be difficult for a customer to determine if a product in the package is missing or damaged. With banded packaging, the individual products are more visible, making it easier to determine if the products have been tampered with at some point during transit. This allows retail store managers to verify package contents and accept or reject shipping invoices more quickly. Packages are also easier to verify before initial shipping, so you can prevent bad bundles from going out in the first place or verify the condition of your packages before shipping begins.

The above benefits help to streamline the process of getting packages off of the truck and onto your retail customer’s shelves, saving your customers time and money on labor for stocking the shelves.

Benefits for You

Your retail customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from using banding systems for packaging. Benefits that you can gain from using a banding system include:

  • Reduced Package Waste. Banding systems use far less packing materials than other systems, saving you money on the purchase of packaging.
  • Ease of Maintenance. Bandall banding systems use pneumatic, nearly maintenance-free cylinders for their primary mechanisms. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Bands are Easy to Adjust. Whether your packages need to be bound tightly, or can be held onto loosely, banding systems are simple to adjust to the needs of your packaging without causing damage to your products.
  • High Production Throughput. Bandall banding machines can, depending on the size of the product and machine, band up to 35 packages per minute. This way, you don’t have to wait on the packaging machine, the operator determines your output.

Beyond the above benefits, the fact that banding systems make packages shelf-ready for your retail customers (lowering their labor costs) can serve as a major selling point for your products. In today’s competitive world, every advantage you can leverage to distinguish your products from the competition is important.

Learn more about banding systems and their benefits by contacting Banding Systems here.

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