02Jan 2018

Marketing your products is essential if you want your brand to be noticed and flourish. From packaging to labeling, the efforts you take to promote your brand are crucial. Product packaging should be not only informational but also draw the attention of your target clients. If you don’t create an attractive design for your product label or […]

22Nov 2017

Packaging and labeling your products does much more than merely protect and identify them: It promotes your brand and image to consumers. Effective package contour labeling can bolster your business, whereas ineffective designs can decrease the visibility and attractiveness of your products, in turn impacting your sales. Whether you’re starting your new business or you have been in manufacturing for […]

14Nov 2017

As a manufacturer, you likely are continuously researching best package labelling processes to ensure that you produce quality goods while keeping your production costs low. You also need a type of packaging that will increase your market visibility and enhance the value of your products. Research shows that the type of packaging material and visual appeal you […]

05Nov 2015

Recently at the Packaging Ideas Expo, Bandall (presented by Banding Systems) won most innovative packaging system of 2015. The award was based on votes from fellow exhibitors and the show’s visitors.      The Bandall solution bundles a product, applying a printed band over a pre-wrapped pack, providing a clear view of the product while applying branding […]

28Oct 2014

The following is taken from a press release distributed by the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), detailing changing shipping trends and costs in the United States, and the growing need for more versatile, automated labeling and packaging banding systems. With the rapid evolution of modern packaging and labeling technology, come valuable innovations for […]