02Jan 2018

Marketing your products is essential if you want your brand to be noticed and flourish. From packaging to labeling, the efforts you take to promote your brand are crucial. Product packaging should be not only informational but also draw the attention of your target clients. If you don’t create an attractive design for your product label or […]

27Dec 2017

Complete product packaging today is an important part of any shopping experience. Even after creating a useful product, convincing potential customers to make a purchase comes down to your product packaging and how it looks on store shelves. Most shoppers often look at products for less than 10 seconds and determine whether they want to purchase. […]

14Nov 2017

As a manufacturer, you likely are continuously researching best package labelling processes to ensure that you produce quality goods while keeping your production costs low. You also need a type of packaging that will increase your market visibility and enhance the value of your products. Research shows that the type of packaging material and visual appeal you […]

01Nov 2017

How you package your manufactured products is now more important than ever. Potential clients are constantly being bombarded by messages throughout the day and sometimes all they may see from your brand is the product packaging. Whether you’re preparing to create all-new packaging for your product or you want to update existing packaging, you need […]

10Oct 2017

As a manufacturer, the products you produce for consumers should be designed with proper research and planning to ensure that you provide the best value while maintaining low production costs. This means that you need a type of packaging that will help you increase your visibility in the market and also convey the value of […]

04Oct 2017

Bandall banding machines are used across the world in different industries. Banding technology is quickly becoming popular among manufacturers in different industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages. These systems have some advantages over other distribution technologies including: Minimal material wastage: Using bands to bundle or label your products minimizes wastage of packaging material. Bands are […]

01Sep 2017

One of the best ways to save on packaging materials is through banding systems, which also ensure that your products are always appealing. However, there are different banding materials that you can use for your products. It’s important to ask yourself which banding material is right for you. The answer to your question will depend […]

22Aug 2017

Banding machines can be a surprisingly effective method for quickly packaging textiles and laundry. The use of a small band of flexible, yet durable, banding material can significantly reduce costs compared to using full plastic bags to encase textiles and laundry. Even better, banding material can also reduce your environmental footprint much more so than […]

11Aug 2017

Banding is a packaging technique that many companies, in many industries around the world, have begun adopting as a primary means of packaging. Banding is the process of securing products with either plastic or paper film, which also allows businesses to enhance display graphics for advertising—particularly valuable for those in the food industry. Bandall is […]

06Jul 2017

Banding is a popular packaging technique that has been adopted by many food and pharmaceutical companies around the world. A fully automated banding machine is easy to use and can be operated by one person. Additionally, banding material is cost effective and the estimated payback period for an advanced banding machine is a matter of a […]