28May 2015

Over the years, the print and graphics industries have changed greatly. Today’s print and graphics-oriented companies have to contend with new challenges, such as the internet and digital distribution. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for print and graphics companies to be more efficient and effective. One area where such companies could make great […]

26May 2015

When bundling products for a special offer or using a band to increase the visibility of your products on the store shelf, you typically want to use a printed band with your branding, product info, and the like. Printed bands are a great way to help promote your products visually, but what about unprinted bands? […]

21May 2015

When it comes to bundling products, using less obtrusive packaging methods provides better results because it leaves the product visible to consumers. There are several different ways to bundle products using clear or minimal packaging, including: Stretch Wrapping Adhesive Labels Banding Which of these three techniques is the best for product bundling? As a means […]

18May 2015

Product banding systems are an excellent way to save on packaging materials while helping to make sure that your products have a strong visual appeal on store shelves. However, not all banding materials are the same. There are many different kinds of banding materials out there that you company could conceivably use for its products. The […]

14May 2015

The health and beauty care industries have many things in common. Both industries are enormous, with consumers all over the globe. Both industries are heavily focused on providing better solutions, using unique formulas for their products to differentiate themselves on the market. Finally, both industries are heavily focused on individual consumers, marketing directly to individuals, […]

25Mar 2015

When it comes to creating effective promotional packaging, you want something that is cost-effective, eye-catching, and leaves your branding front and center for the consumer. There are many different ways to package a promotional bundle, but which method is the best fit for your needs? Have you considered using banding technology to package your promotional […]

13Mar 2015

One of the biggest advantages of package banding is that this method for binding packages together can be done quickly without causing damage to your products. How do banding machines minimize the risk of damage to your products? There a few ways in which banding makes for damage-free bundling of your products, including: Highly Adjustable […]

12Mar 2015

Bands are Labels without the pressure sensitive adhesive and the associated release liner. Banding offers a very good alternative to Pressure Sensitive Labels.  A band is a single substrate material that does not require adhesive or a release liner.  Pressure sensitive labels need adhesive and as such need a release liner (2 substrates vs 1 […]

05Mar 2015

With their efficient output and minimal material waste, automated banding technologies are quickly becoming industry-standard packaging solutions for manufacturers in various production sectors, including food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. Systems like these offer a few key advantages for end-of-line packaging over other distribution technologies. The high ROI and efficiency that automated banding provides can make all […]

02Mar 2015

Automated packaging banding is on the rise among worldwide producers, and the reasons for this growth are clear. With greater ROI potential, minimized waste and increased branding opportunities, banding systems provide a practical way for companies to implement green processes during end-of-line packaging. Whether your company needs a new take on packaging to improve shelf […]

28Feb 2015

In retail stores, it is becoming ever more important to make the most efficient use of labor. One major pain point for the retail industry is the time it takes to get products off the truck and onto the shelves, ready for sale. When your product’s packaging is too bulky or cumbersome to open, it […]

23Feb 2015

Distribution through automated banding systems is a lucrative practice that more and more product manufacturers take advantage of every year, usually to boost efficiency and intrinsic value. With developing technologies and a growing presence in the worldwide marketplace (5% estimated growth in 2015), banding automation allows producers to optimize distribution in an environmentally sound and […]