05Nov 2015

Recently at the Packaging Ideas Expo, Bandall (presented by Banding Systems) won most innovative packaging system of 2015. The award was based on votes from fellow exhibitors and the show’s visitors.      The Bandall solution bundles a product, applying a printed band over a pre-wrapped pack, providing a clear view of the product while applying branding […]

21Oct 2015

One question we get a lot from businesses that are interested in using product banding solutions for their product bundling needs is this: “How many products can I band together at once?” It’s a good question, as some companies need to bundle many packages together, while others only need to band a few boxes at […]

08Sep 2015

Product banding equipment is a great way to semi- or fully automate your product package bundling and labeling processes. Banding systems are fast, easy to use, and material-efficient, saving your company time, labor, and capital. But, one question that many people ask is “how do banding machines work?” How is it that these adhesive-free product […]

01Sep 2015

Here on the Banding Systems website, we’ve occasionally referred to product banding as the frustration-free packaging solution. This is because product bands are able to hold your products securely, but are still simple and easy to remove for the end user. As a manufacturer, why should you care about using frustration-free product banding systems to […]

26Aug 2015

When trying to balance cost versus effectiveness for food packaging, many companies choose to use large, custom adhesive labels on their product packages. After all, these labels offer a large print area, are cheaper than using cardboard overwraps, and more attractive than shrink wrapping packages. However, what does using adhesive labels for your products really […]

04Aug 2015

Not very long ago, we discussed some of the reasons that you might want to use unprinted or plain banding materials for your products. On the other end of the banding solution spectrum are printed product banding materials. These materials are, as the name implies, specifically designed to be printed on. What are the key […]

28Jul 2015

In the world of consumer goods, it’s important to catch the attention of the consumer. The last chance that companies have to catch the attention of consumers is when said consumers are shopping and getting ready to make the choice between one brand and another. Here, the product packaging on the shelf is the most […]

20Jul 2015

As we’ve established in many of our other posts, using product banding systems has numerous benefits. From saving time and materials for product shipping, to creating highly visible packaging on the shelf, to providing a convenient unpacking experience for the end user, there are many reasons to use product banding systems for the preparation of […]

13Jul 2015

Quick response (QR) codes have been around for a long time now. Many people are now familiar with the image of the box filled with seemingly-random patterns of black and white spaces inside. QR codes are a type of matrix barcode. Much like the common product barcodes you see on goods at the store, matrix […]

08Jul 2015

For members of the packaged food industry, finding ways to improve product packaging is a key concern. One of the more promising packaging technologies to come out is the use of non-adhesive bands that wrap firmly around your product’s container. What is this technology, and why should members of the packaged food industry use it? […]

15Jun 2015

Some manufacturers specialize in a single product, refining their production process over the course of years to make the production of that one product as fast, efficient, and reliable as possible. Other manufacturers, on the other hand, have to contend with multiple product lines to keep revenue flowing. When you have multiple product lines, finding […]

12Jun 2015

As a packaging technology, banding is surprisingly versatile. It can be used for packing food, pharmaceuticals, print industry products, textiles, and almost anything else you can think of. How do some of Banding System’s customers use product banding systems? Here are a few of the uses that product banding has been utilized for: Package Sealing […]