Wet wipes that use bandingThe health and beauty care industries have many things in common.
Both industries are enormous, with consumers all over the globe. Both industries are heavily focused on providing better solutions, using unique formulas for their products to differentiate themselves on the market. Finally, both industries are heavily focused on individual consumers, marketing directly to individuals, often with only the packaging on the shelf serving as their advertisement.

So, when it comes to preparing products for the store shelf, how should companies in the health and beauty care industries package said products?

There are a great many options out there, such as shrink wrapping, using adhesive labels, and more. However, there is one packaging option that is gaining popularity as an attractive and cost-effective solution for packaging health and beauty care products for shipping and display on the shelf: product banding.

Product banding is a packaging method that wraps one or more products or product containers in a thin band of non-adhesive material.

What are the Benefits?

Example of a band for the health industryThis method of packing health and beauty products for store shelves offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Less Material Use. Banding systems can hold a product or a stack of products using a very small amount of material. For example, banding films can be as little as 35 microns thick. Compare this to the amount of material used to shrink-wrap or put products into a corrugated box, and the savings on material is immense.
  • High Product Visibility. Brand recognition is one of the major driving factors behind the success of health and beauty care products. Product bands can be made of clear material to let your product’s branding shine through or the bands can have your branding message printed on them to reinforce product recognition.
  • Hygienic Packaging. One of the concerns with adhesive packaging is that dirt and other contaminants can easily stick to the adhesive label, potentially transferring to the product itself. Banding systems do not rely on adhesive, so the chances of stray debris sticking to the band are minimized.
  • Damage Free Bundling. When you want to package a bundle of products, such as a combination of skin care products or daytime/nighttime pharmaceutical products, using adhesives poses several challenges, such as needing to be placed perfectly flat or risk damaging the product container. Banding systems can adjust on the fly to conform to product container shape, making it easier to apply without ruining the product container.
  • Easy Bulking of Product Shipments. When you aren’t selling a bundle of products, but want to bulk them for easier shipping, product banding is still a very simple to employ and economical solution. Banding systems can adjust quickly to banding different size stacks of products together, so you can go from making bundles to bulking products for shipment very quickly.

With the material efficiency of banding systems for the health and beauty care industries, companies can bulk their products for shipping quickly without having to spend too much extra on packing material. This monetary savings means a better profit margin for your products, and more revenue for your company.

Because product banding systems can dynamically adjust the tightness of the bands on the fly, it is easier to switch from one type of product container to another without causing damage to your products. You can see how these systems make rapid adjustments on the fly in this YouTube video.

Why Use Product Banding for the Health and Beauty Care Industries?

When you take into account all of the benefits of using product banding, it becomes the obvious choice for packing delicate health and beauty care product packages for distribution throughout the world.

Clean, attractive, and simple to employ, product banding is a proven and effective method for handling your health and beauty care product packaging needs.

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