Fully Automatic Banding MachinesBandall banding machines are used across the world in different industries. Banding technology is quickly becoming popular among manufacturers in different industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages. These systems have some advantages over other distribution technologies including:

Minimal material wastage: Using bands to bundle or label your products minimizes wastage of packaging material. Bands are thinner compared to cardboard and pressure sensitive plastic labels. Bandall uses recent technology that allows for the thinnest and most cost-effective packaging materials in the market. Additionally, the banding films are available in different materials—including recyclable bands which make Bandall a good bundling option if you need “green” packaging solutions.

Customizability: Bandall product banding solutions are incredibly flexible, and there are several ways that you can integrate Bandall banding technology into your existing production line regardless of whether you need a fully- or semi-automated banding machine. You can also choose between different types of materials, including:

  • Recyclable product bands
  • Printed and unprinted banding materials
  • Form-fitting MDO PETg bands

Adaptability: Other than the ability to customize the banding machine of your choice in your product line, these machines are highly adaptable. When banding your products, the banding machine stretches the banding material to achieve the desired tension.

Other Benefits of Bandall Banding Machines

  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Damage-free bundling
  • Reduction of waste
  • Uniform stacks

Bandall Banding Systems

From stand-alone banding systems to fully automatic solutions, Bandall has a range of banding equipment for you to choose from. You can also choose to add other options such as printers and external reel holders.

Which is the Right Bandall Machine for your Business?

Stand-Alone Banding Machine

This banding solution is ideal for your business if you don’t have a demanding production environment. Depending on what your production lines demand, stand-alone banding machines can be designed for seamless incorporation.

These systems can easily be integrated easily with manual feed lines to complement the existing automated systems. Depending on the industry requirements, you can equip your stand-alone banding system with other additional hardware for better performance, including:

  • Data printers
  • Positioning technology
  • Presses
  • Stainless steel
  • External reel holders

Advantages of Purchasing a Stand-Alone Banding Machine

  1. Stand-alone banding machines are designed for zero-risk banding at a reduced conventional packaging cost. The bands of these systems are non-pressurized, and they can be used to improve end-of-line performance by:
  2. Reducing the energy and maintenance costs
  3. Minimize the packaging materials used significantly. The thin and custom designed bands make more use of the raw production materials.
  4. They have a damage-free packaging which means you’ll never have to worry about the pressure-sensitive products when packing.
  5. They offer an easy-to-use feed technology because they are compatible with different production speeds.

Fully Automatic Banding Machines

If you have a demanding production environment, then a fully automatic Bandall machine model can perform excellently. Regardless of the industry, a Bandall machine can be installed and integrated seamlessly into your existing production line. The fully-automatic Bandall machine can help meet virtually all your bundling and banding needs. Although the base unit is standard, there are countless modular and optional variations where each machine can be designed according to your unique preferences. However, the choice of the best model is determined greatly by how the products to be banded are fed into the installation.

The 4 Types of Bandall Banding Machines

The TXL Series

You can procure this Bandall machine if you require quick and accurate banding of things like trays and boxes. The machine also transports products quickly due to its speedy conveyor belt that moves items through the banding process. Other applications that are used with this Bandall machine are the packaging of:

  • Ready meals
  • Frozen products
  • Automotive parts
  • Electronics

The TXL fully automated banding machine is designed for products with a flat top and bottom surface. This machine is unique because it can be fitted with a printer of your choice.

The TRL Series

This Bandall machine bundles products in a straight delivery line. The people working on the removal line of this bundling system have to ensure that the products being banded are placed in the head of the system carefully and accurately. Because this series can be united with different types of delivery and removal structures, the extreme speed and accuracy ensure that there’s a quick improvement in timeliness of bundling your products.

TRC Bandall Machine Series

This fully automatic banding machine rotates products to be banded by 90 degrees before they are packed and banded.

The Bandall TRB Series

This Bandall machine uses motorized conveyor belts to either higher or lower the friction depending on the products being banded.

A banding machine will help you improve your product packaging and market your product through promotional banding. Contact us today if you need help in finding the best system for all your packaging needs.

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