Promotional Packaging at Low Cost

Automated banding solutions make it easy to distribute promotional materialsAutomated banding solutions make it easy for producers to distribute promotional materials and bundled offers at low packaging cost. Wafer-thin, non-adhesive bands can be custom designed for visibility, and improve consumer engagement familiarity with your brand and offers during retail.

Bundling with thin, minimum waste banding systems is the most effective way to pack promotional items together and cut back on traditional promo costs. If your company is looking for innovative, new ways to efficiently pack bulk promotional items, look no further than sturdy, damage-free banding.

Effective Banding Systems

Working closely with the engineering minds at Bandall, we provide our partner companies with the most effective banding systems for their applications. Even if you only require a stand-alone banding solution for temporary promotional packing, we can identify and procure the best performing equipment possible.

  • Easy to remove by consumers
  • Tamper-proof, full-bodied banding seal
  • Low energy consumption and material use
  • Sturdy, firm packaging of bulk promotional items