Benefits of Bundling with Banding Equipment

Banding Systems guarantees damage-free bundling

Automated or stand-alone banding systems offer minimum waste, damage-free bundling alternatives for companies in limitless sectors. By implementing banding solutions in your applications, you’ll never have to worry about bundled product safety again.

Bundling with non-adhesive bands can be done as loosely or tightly as your products require, and are always guaranteed damage-free.

Damage-Free Bundling Offers Quality Assurance

Banding technologies offer lucrative end-of-line benefits for producers in countless industries, including:

  • Non-pressurized, zero-adhesive banding that preserves product quality
  • Cut packaging costs, as materials are not wasted during banding
  • Environmentally sound; thin, automated banding strips are recyclable alternative to standard packaging
  • Efficient and low-cost application
  • Easy to remove by consumers and visually stimulating