Custom Packaging Applications

Packaging banding systems are used for many industries

Non-pressurized, high-visibility banding is one of the most attractive, low-cost ways to package products. Best of all, these bands are practical in almost any industry, with any product type and application. If you’re striving to set your products apart in crowded industry markets, automated or stand-alone banding systems are a cost-effective way to generate greater branding opportunities.

Industries Banding Systems Serves

Packaging banding systems are often used (and certainly not limited to) the following industries:

  • Food, produce and organic products
  • Beverage
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • EPS
  • Graphics
  • General packaging
  • Tobacco
  • Bulk product distribution

With systems custom built as stand-alone, semi-automated or fully automated packaging solutions, banding has quickly grown as one of the most preferred ways to present and pack products. More widespread today than ever before, banding technologies help manufacturers in countless industries improve their end-of-line and branding opportunities.

As a major distributor of banding solutions, Banding Systems will work with you to realize these opportunities for your business, and procure the most efficient, high performance banding technologies for your applications.