The History of Banding Systems

The history of Banding SystemsBanding Systems is still a true family business. It was established in 1990 under the name Com Benelux. At that time we only sold the Com J240, a compact table top model. But seven years later, in 1997, the first full size Banding Systems model was added. This new machine was produced under licence at first. That same year the first machines crossed the borders of the Benelux. This all took place under the name Banding Systems International.

The route to “The standard in banding”

After that things started to move very quickly. Since Banding was granted an international patent for its unique vacuum feed system, we have experienced strong growth at home and abroad. Not only did the range expand to include specials and fully automatic systems, the number of market applications increased dramatically. And they continue to do so. As a result of the international breakthrough the name Com Benelux was finally dropped in 2008, together with the well-known slogan in the Netherlands ‘Com, Bandje d’rom’. From that time the company adopted a global uniform appearance, united under the name Banding with the slogan “The standard in banding”.