Create value with banding technologyAutomated packaging banding is on the rise among worldwide producers, and the reasons for this growth are clear. With greater ROI potential, minimized waste and increased branding opportunities, banding systems provide a practical way for companies to implement green processes during end-of-line packaging.

Whether your company needs a new take on packaging to improve shelf visibility, or is looking for a more affordable way to safely package goods, banding systems provide the means and minimal-waste applications to set your brand apart.

1.) Value-Added Product Branding

Branding by banding is one of the most affordable ways to increase product profiles and better utilize branding space at retail.  Package bands systems provide maximum-space, label options that other end-of-line packaging solutions fall short in. Making the most of print space with banding technologies, your company can add greater value to your brand and increase recognition among target consumers.

Aside from optimal branding capabilities, banding systems provide simultaneous printing of serial data, nutritional information and bar codes, in a one-stop process that lowers energy consumption and material waste. Using customized, high-visibility artwork and labels, banding systems package your products in a way that stands out to customers at the floor-level.

2.) Printable With a Range of Material Options

Banding brings value to your products Automated banding solutions are viable packaging solutions for producers in many different industries, providing the same solutions and branding opportunities for products of countless sizes, shapes, packing configurations or weight. If your company could benefits from simplified distribution and branding in any of the following sectors, banding systems may be the solution you’re looking for:

  • Organic fruit and vegetable industries
  • Dry food goods
  • Meat products, including poultry, red meat and seafood
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Textiles
  • Graphics
  • Bulk, bundled products and cases

The versatility of banding automation doesn’t stop with industries served; banding materials, configurations and printing options themselves can be custom-fit to your product packaging demands. Automated banding systems can provide form-fitted, non-adhesive bands for your products with any of the following custom options:

  • Variable band sizes, from 28mm to 100mm
  • Lamination and band finishes
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Custom labels or sleeves
  • 8-colour printing, with design approval by your company

3.) Easy Installation Within Product lines

The banding systems themselves are designed for simple integration with existing production lines, and can be full automated (the best option for high-volume producers), or operated via hand or foot switches in a semi-automatic process; whatever your industry or product output demands of a packaging system, banding technologies can be configured to match.

Today’s high-end banding systems are manufactured to limit end-of-line labor and waste, and come with a range of custom performance specs, including:

  • Variable automation speeds and setups, designed to optimize banding application in your line
  • Touch-screen compatibility
  • Printer or bundle press options
  • Product-specific channel widths
  • Adjustable product guides
  • Changeable band tension

4.) Repeatable and Assured Product Security

Packaging banding delivers most of its value in two ways: by creating new branding opportunities, and ensuring the repeat safety of your products during packaging. Non-adhesive, zero-pressurization banding strips preserve product integrity, and eliminate common quality risks such as crushing, product pressure or unsecure distribution.

Pressurized, glue-based product bundling can put your goods at risk, and increase wasted products and materials during distribution. By switching your packaging to damage-free banding, you can bundle your products as tightly or loosely as needed, without any damage and risks to quality.

Banding without adhesives comes at no cost to bundling strength. Automated banding makes it possible for products to be safely shipped, packaged and delivered to consumers in an entirely green, minimal-waste process.

5.) Banding Automation and Bottom-Line ROI

Packaging banding automation delivers ROI for producers in the form of increased branding potential, higher quality packaging and labor/waste reduction. Automatic or semi-automatic product bundling and banding equipment can help your company save thousands every year on floor-level material costs and waste, while maintaining guaranteed product integrity.

If you feel your company is spending too much on its end-of-line packaging, or wasting valuable resources on insufficient packaging, banding your products with automation may be the right solution for your business. Banding makes it possible to not only improve packaging quality, but also the way consumers perceive your brand.

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