These are examples of the variety of package labelling options Banding System offers.As a manufacturer, you likely are continuously researching best package labelling processes to ensure that you produce quality goods while keeping your production costs low. You also need a type of packaging that will increase your market visibility and enhance the value of your products. Research shows that the type of packaging material and visual appeal you adopt adds value to your brand and are important to product management when trying to attract more customers, gain repeat customers, and increase sales.

You shouldn’t view packaging as an additional cost; rather, look at packing as an investment that can greatly benefit your business.

Good Package Labelling Practices

1) Adhesive Labels

The three main types of adhesive labels include solvent-based, water-based, and hot-melt adhesives. Water-based and hot-melt are preferred by manufacturers that want to improve air quality and reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. However, most companies use water-based adhesive technology because it has the following qualities:

  • high tack
  • good heat resistance
  • good water resistance

This means that water-based technology can work well for tape, medical market, packaging and labeling applications.

2) Shrink Wrap

Shrink wraps have been in use for quite some time, and they represent approximately 15% of the labeling market. From economic savings to superior security, sleeves offer several benefits to product manufacturers. Shrink wraps offer a labeling option for your products that protects them from tampering.

3) Packaging Without Modified Atmosphere

This is the ideal package to protect your products against mechanical and environmental influences such as moisture and UV light. They are also ideal for consumer products and industrial influences, as well as pharmaceutical products. You can also use them to pack products that don’t have special requirements. Additionally, you can use these packaging materials to convey important information to your target customers.

4) Banding

Many companies around the world are now adopting the use of the banding technique as their primary packaging method. Banding involves the securing of products with either paper or plastic films which enable businesses to display their graphics for advertisements. This packaging and labeling technique is mostly quite common in the food industry. At the 2015 Top 50 Packaging Ideas Expo, Bandall Banding technology was voted the most innovative technology.

Why Banding is a Better Package Labelling Technology

Minimizes Material Waste

Implementing this improved package labelling technology helps you minimize cost and material wastage because the bands are thinner than cardboard or pressure-sensitive plastic labels. It is estimated that banding your products can help you cut on material wastage by more than 25%, reduce your labor costs and maintenance requirements, and increase your ROI.

Material waste costs you more money to cover the raw material costs, and it also contributes to pollution. However, this better package labelling technology from Bandall allows the use of the thinnest and most cost-effective materials. You also can access films from a variety of materials including recyclable bands, which helps you attract environmentally-conscious customers.

Easy to Customize

Regardless of whether you have a fully-automated or a semi-automated package labelling machine, you can easily incorporate our complete package labelling technology into your product line. This technology helps you choose between different types of materials for your package contour labelling films, including:

Each package labelling material has its benefits that help to meet your product packaging needs.

Easy Installation

Bandall Banding Systems’ automatic package labelling systems are designed in a way that you can easily integrate them into your current production line to become either fully automated or be operated via hand or foot switches. These systems also come with different performance features, including:

  • touch screen compatibility
  • adjustable product guides
  • changeable band tension
  • adjustable automated speeds
  • product-specific widths

Highly Adaptable

Other than being easy to customize, our better package labelling systems are highly adaptable in all their applications. When packaging and labelling your products, your machine pulls the better package labelling material until it reaches the desired tension without risking damage or the quality of your products.

Enhances Branding

Banding systems enable manufacturers to implement their green processes. Therefore, whether you want to safely package your products or you want to improve shelf visibility, better package labelling solutions from Banding Systems will enable you to set your brand apart.

Enhanced Printing Options

Our enhanced package contour labelling systems provides branding opportunities for products of different sizes, shapes, packaging configurations and weights. You can configure and custom-fit the available printing options and packaging materials to meet your packaging demands.

In case you are spending too much on packaging or wasting packaging resources, consider better package labelling technology from Banding Systems to help your business. Contact us if you need assistance or if you’re experiencing difficulties in choosing the most suitable package labelling solution for your business.

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